Frequently Asked Questions


Men's music immersion? What about the Womxn?

Solar Sound emerged as a parallel retreat to Shakti Sound, which is a retreat dedicated to empowering Womxn in music production & DJing. Shakti Sound came first, and Solar Sound rose to support and happen simultaneously to Shakti. A central intention of Solar Sound is to be a team of support to Shakti Sound, and the rise of Womxn in the world of music. We will be having councils focused on ways that we can support Womxn in music, and in all ways. At the end of the immersion, we bring Shakti and Solar together to share the music we've created, have a council, and a public celebration. 

What if I don't identify as male or female?


Our goal is inclusivity. Those who are Gender Non-Conforming, Trans-Men, Non-binary, or anything in-between, are all welcome to join. Regardless of your gender, orientation, and pronoun, you this is a safe space for you, and we will have a support team of people to process with for anything that comes up during the immersion.  Please get in touch if you have any questions about this! We want you to feel welcomed and supported!


Do I need a laptop? Do I need Abelton?


You will certainly be able to attend the retreat and have a fulfilling experience without your own personal technology, as you will be able to team up with other students. However, to get the most out of this experience, we recommend bringing your own laptop with Abelton already installed. We are looking into getting the software sponsored by the company. We also encourage you bring any equipment and instruments that you use or would like to learn how to implement into your music making process.


Is Work Trade Available?


Work trade is limited this time, and we encourage you to invest in your musical journey if you have the means. If you are in a position where Work-Trade is your best possible reality, please e-mail with a description of your skill-sets to inquire. Work-Trade participants pay half price ($444) to cover food/land costs.



Are there Scholarships?


We're working on a scholarship fund to support local, indigenous, & poc students who request support for attendance. If you're feeling the call but the finances are effecting your decision, please let us know!


Also, if you have the means to support the scholarship fund, please send a donation or increase your own tuition to subsidize the tuition of another brother!

Is this worth my investment?


Yes. In fact, the cost of tuition is as low as possible, and much a lower cost than other retreats of similar value, quality, location, and production. We're making this affordable so that it's accessible. And we're giving plenty of time to save up! But don't wait too long to sign up, because we're envisioning a soul'd out immersion!


What happens after our time together?


After Solar Sound, we will travel to the coast to meet with the Womxn of Shakti Sound for a council, song-sharing, and cellebration. Then, the Envision Festival begins, with pre-events starting on Feb 15, and the full festival beginning Feb 20th. Beyond this, we have a Solar Sound Men's Group on Facebook, and a Shakti & Solar Sound group to stay in touch and keep each other inspired! It's a musical family of support and creativity!

Registration includes bonus content from the teachers

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