Men's Music Creation & Sacred Brotherhood Immersion
A brother retreat arisen from Shakti Sound Immersion

Art by Jake Kobrin:

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Music from the Facilitators

Our Team of Music Production Facilitators

Electronic Music Production, DJedi Skills, Movement, Breath,
Performance, Management, & Men's Empowerment Teachers

And You!


We all have something to learn from one another.

Join the team of Audio Jedi's:

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About Solar Sound Immersion

This is a call to all creative musically motivated men:


Are you ready to board the sonic spaceship? 


Music Production 🔊DJing, and more from next-level facilitators
📿Sacred Brotherhood

📍Nevada City, CA. May 22-28 2019



If you're seeking to learn the tools of musical creation,

to grow and level up in a supportive group of brothers,
and to access the sacred wisdom of sonic creation...
Then this is the immersion your soul has been searching for.

Solar Sound is a weeklong immersion into musical creation and transformation.

Who We Are


We are a collaborative team of established electronic music producers and DJs cultivating a container for growth and creation in both music production, and the way we show up in life, in a deeply immersive environment. We offer rich and diverse content that provides skill-based training, personal empowerment and transformational classes.

What You'll Learn


On a technical level you will learn basic and intermediate skills in Ableton 10, Logic X, Serato, and Traktor, how to get clear on what you want to create, the recording process, the story arch, how to make various styles of electronic music and beats, how to work with sound design, arrangement, how to mix and master your tracks, and all the Jedi skills you need to become a badass musical Jedi.

This is also a mens transformational gathering.


Men's Work & Sacred Brotherhood


You will learn skills for building confidence and overcoming blockages as a man, how to showcase your personal message in your music, business and marketing, tools to stay productive and creative, and how to create the stage presence and storylines needed to deliver your message and energy effectively.

We symbolize brotherhood and masculine synergy in a way that many of us have never experienced before. You are in for a deeply transformative experience. We are men of many different backgrounds coming together to represent inclusivity and shared purpose. We strive to create a strong, supportive network of conscious creators, who move beyond competition, and into an experience of being a part of the greater movement.

Supporting the Shakti


This immersion will be occuring simultaneously to Shakti Sound, and all Womxn's music production immersion. We will discover, discuss, and practice ways to support, uplift, and show up for the Shakti. 
We will dedicate time in this immersion to ways that we can support Womxn producers in the music industry, and ways we can support the embodied creative Goddess as embodied creative men. 

In partnership with Shakti Sound, we are creating a movement that prioritizes accessibility and representation of many cultures, demographics and backgrounds in our trainings.

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Contact us to apply for this life-changing immersion:


Solar Sound will be at a beautiful property called Ascension Domension, nestled in the forested hills of Nevada County, near the Yuba River.
Whether you are a Beginner or Intermediate at
Music Production in Ableton/Logic, or DJing in Traktor/Serato,
there is is something in this Immersion for Everyone.​
You will gain a potent set of tools and skills to start or continue sharing your
unique Musical Message as a DJ and Producer.
We aim to provide you a container where your value is seen and encouraged.
We will empower and amplify our combined Musical Intentions through ongoing musical Mystery School classes.
After this immersion, we will join forces with Shakti Sound for an alchemical fusion of the energies cultivated in both gatherings. We will have the opportunity to showcase our music to the Shakti, and dance to the music they have crafted during
their immersion.
​Are you ready to take the next step on your musical journey?
To support People of Color & Indigenous participants to join this gathering,
check out our crowdfunding campaign and please consider donating:

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